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Healthy Food Builds Healthy Bones & Bodies

Everything that you body needs to sustain itself is right on your plate...

Whole Foods are the Best Foods

Eat more foods in their natural state, less processed...

You Are What You Eat

When you eat the best you become your best...

Become the Best that You Can Be

This is the first day of the rest of your life...

Serving the Community for over 30 years


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Classes & Programs


The nutrition classes and programs are provided to assist seniors with independent living by promoting better health through improved nutrition, knowledge and reduced isolation.

Change your life one BITE at a time Series. Looking for way to improve the quality of what you eat? Or are you trying to balance calories to reach a healthy weight? Whether you need a total diet makeover, or just a tweak here and there, "How To Eat To Live" is the answer for you. This program teaches you to eat well -- for a lifetime.


Eat to Live

"How to Eat to Live" This class will take you step by step through learning the skills you need to put health into every bite.   Changes are simple, this course will teach you how to make them.  This course allows you to set your own goals, you can choose to work on the areas of your diet you want to focus on.  

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Health is Wealth

Join us as we offer solutions.   Each class focuses on the fundamental pathways of healing : good nutrition, adequate exercise, enhanced awareness, positive attitude and intention.  Let us guide you on your path to healing and the life you deserve.  We will replace old habits with Natural Habits of Living.

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Living with ...

This series of classes, offers wholistic solutions to living with specific aliments. Topics include, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Prostate, Heart Disease and kidney disorders.

Stressed Out?

As quiet as it is kept, stress is a major trigger of heart attack, hypertension, obesity, alcholism, cancer and many other disorders.   Learning how to manage stress may save your life.

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Direct Contribution via Paypal, Credit Card, or download printable form and mail.


Ways You Can Give


Your Gifts Are Tax-Deductible


Gifts of Cash

Mail your contribution check, made payable to Development Outreach, Inc. 270 Lenox Avenue - New York, NY 10027 -5513 >>>>>> Download fillable form


Gifts of Real Estate

You can make a gift of commercial or residential real-estate to Development Outreach, Inc., and receive substantial benefits

Estate Planning

For many donors a gift made through a will or trust is the most realistc way to make a major gift. Property, including cash, securities, jewelry, works of art and real estate may be given through a will or trust.


Call (212) 427-0320 to donate

Become a Sponsor

Organizational programs and events are supported by the generous giving of corporate and individual donors. Our sponsorship needs include cash donations, give-away items, and services for events. Please consider adding your organization to the prestigious list of sponsors and donors. We encourage you to review the Campaigns, Programs, and Events for current sponsorship opportunities. For more information, please call (212) 427-0320.


Life Income Gift

Donor may make a gift , and receive direct financial benefits including an income for life for the donor and/or donor's spouse, and a charitable income tax deduction.

Charitable Reminder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust is a personalized life income gift that provides a donor with a lifetime annuit, a charitable tax deduction, and a federal gift tax deduction. More


Volunteers are needed. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our programs and activities. Volunteers can give as little as a couple of hours per week on a weekday, or work every day.

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Thanks to our sponsors....