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Bethany/Development Outreach Neighborhood Network

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Intergeneration Activities

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Social Media & Technology Training

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Serving the Community for over 30 years


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Community Action Network

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The Community Action Network Program (CANP) is designed to help bridge the generation gap between youth and elders through various interactive events. By building more positive relationships between the generations, we are able to strengthen and empower the community.

Your support ensures that we are able to continue providing many programs and services to our ever increasing youth and elderly population.



Bethany/Development Outreach Mt. Morris Plaza Neighborhood Network is a U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) approved Neighborhood Network Center. Through technology we strive to bridge the generation gap between seniors and youth. Youth interns help seniors become familar with computers. 

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Through interactive activities such as quitting, crocheting, arts and crafts, day trips, college tours and retreats, elders and youth come together to share and enjoy each others company.  Not only are valuable lessons learned but confidence is built and a great sense of accomplishment is celebrated with the completion of each crafted project.

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Elders and youth enjoy our weekly intergeneration Monday Night Movie and Dialogue. Following the movie, refreshments are served and the elders and youth get a chance to talk about the film and share their own insights. Join us for our Black History and Women's Month celebrations in February and March 2015.

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How to brainwash the youth and make them act like fools! An in-your face seminar aimed at youth to illustrate how they are conditioned via Hollywood movies, music, videos, computer games and advertising to act dumb and love it. The presentation uses popular and main stream culture.

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Volunteers are needed. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our programs and activities. Volunteers can give as little as a couple of hours per week on a weekday, or work every day.

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